Sunday, September 13, 2009

Blogging - it's like homeopathy for my brain.

I have a horrible memory.

This makes me dangerously close to being socially-retarded (apologies to those who dislike that word). It also means that I forget things that happened to me even a few weeks ago.

SO - what better way to remember the things I've done than to start a blog that recounts those things.

See, this is better than starting a diary/journal because a) it might get lost and the backup memories will be gone forever and b) a small amount of (most-likely) crazy people can even tell ME what I've been doing and/or thinking. And that might help me a lot.

So, with a positive frame of mind I'm entering into this untested world of internet medication.

I will begin by reminding myself of my current situation in life:

* Homeless
* Penniless
* Pet-less (this annoys me)
* Knack for writing songs
* Short-sighted (literally)
* Long-sighted (non-literally)
* Look kinda Jewish (in a hot way)
* Have best friends and family one could dream of
* A bit of a crime-magnet
* Great teeth
* Van Morrison rules
* Looking forward to summer.

There. That's all I can remember for now.

I'm probably going to forget to ever update this thing....


  1. Jeremy Said "*Van Morrison Rules" ...

    Dylan says: Couldn't aggree with you more Jezz

  2. How can one be jewish looking in a "hot way"?