Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Books are like childhood summer-flings I never had....they are:

* All-possessing.
* Fantastic (in a fantasy sense).
* Trans-formative.
* Time-bending.
* Much better than movies.

I'm currently completing a Nick Hornby double-header of High Fidelity and A Long Way Down while I have the time on tour.

After taking about 6 months to read Shantaram(awesome) I've managed to plough through about four books in the past 3 months which has been rather satisfying and nostalgic - I think I read more books when I was 10 than I do now!


After a jam-packed week of filming two music videos, playing a show in Christchurch, attending a band-mate's 21st, going to Christchurch again for the Silver Scrolls and then a show in Dargaville - I'm back in Australia.

There was a bit of drama along the way - apparently we trashed a hotel in Dargaville which is a bit weird to hear. The place reckoned we left a "used tampon" in the would five GUYS in a band manage that? Unless Matt has a deep, dark secret....

Quite hilarious.

So now Si and I are in Oz doing promo for the band in Sydney and Melbourne. We've just released our first single over here so we're busy trying to get these Aussies to fall in love with us....Si's ginger mo is helping markedly.

We've got a show in Melbs tomorrow night, then in Sydney Friday night and then we play at a festival in Brisbane called Sounds of Spring on Saturday. So fun is looming.

For now, check out the winner of the Silver Scroll for 2009 - Lawrence Arabia's Apple Pie Bed. Had the pleasure of meeting both himself and Luke Buda who are both cool and make cool music.

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