Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bouncers etc.

Bouncers love Midnight Youth.

This might seem like a strange observation to make. But it's not to me. I never expected large men with possible gang-connections to like the music I create. But it seems they do...

After a show I usually get some sweet handshakes, some awkward handshakes where I don't quite understand which combination of shake/fist/hug to use and also some classic behind-my-back comments like "shit, that four-eyed c*** can sing!".

It's always a good way to end a show.

We played in Christchurch last Friday night where this kind of thing happened and, after leaving the venue and deciphering the local handshake, it was followed by another bizarre moment.

I bumped into a fan of the band clutching around 7 of Aidan's drumsticks (pretty sure he stormed the stage itself after we played) who wanted a chat and a photo. All cool. He then offered to lease me a couple of acres of the 2900 acres he was soon to be claiming as Maori land. The lease came with free entry and use of one of the 26 swimming pools he was going to build beside his future estate house where he will be living with The Veronicas. Awesome. I then took some snaps with him and he insisted on two varieties of picture, each with him wearing a different colour sparkly fez. I swear I didn't dream this.

We're heading back to Chch tomorrow for the Silver Scrolls, something that could sound rather antiquated...I'll try to explain.... when someone says scroll to you - do you think of a) a paper manuscript, rolled and sealed with wax. or b) a yummy leavened treat from Baker's Delight?

Actually, I think I've just got some midnight munchies....BUT have a listen to the other finalists for the Silver Scroll - many NZers will not have heard these songs which is a shame, it seems there's either mass commercial radio-play or bNet radio-play for good NZ songs and nothing in-between. What happened to Channel Z...??


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  1. The guy with the sparkly hat, correct? Yeah he is mildly (to put it extremely nicely) crazy. Was still waiting outside the bedford for you lot an hour after the rest of the audience had left.

    Lifestyles of the kiwi rockstar eh!

    And for the record, scroll reminds me of a piece of paper rolled up like the one the messenger brings to cinderella's house to inform the ugly step sisters about the ball. But the 'scrolls' from Baker's Delight are possibly more exciting than a piece of paper.
    Good luck tonight!