Saturday, October 17, 2009

The pitfalls of singing

It's been a beautiful three days in Australia on our latest wee-trip over here. We've seen very few clouds and had some great people see a showcase in Sydney. Since then we've been in Perth with 30-degree heat and a buzz in the air around the first year of a new festival they're hosting called One Movement.

So all is beautiful, right? Wrong...

For the past 10 days I've been battling some kind of virus which my body just doesn't want to kick. I've only really had a few days out of those 10 where I was actually down and out - but the others have been plagued with a killer sore throat.

Now, that would be fine if I played piano, or any other instrument in my band - playing guitar? sore throat? All good. Not with singing though.

So I've been going to bed early while everyone else parties, not drinking, eating well and taking about 10 pills of various, promised, healing ailments. And no luck so far. Which is kinda depressing to be honest.

There is no worse-a-buzz on stage for me than struggling and worrying about where the next note is going to come from - and it has the opposite effect of adrenaline on the body. Instead of the music slowing down in your mind and your body relaxing into another world, it makes the music double-time and stiffens you into the microphone stand like ivy to a tasty brick wall. Aaaargh!!

SO, I'm going to try a few new things out today in warming up for our show here in Perth. No alcohol (haha, new!), morning warm-up in hotel gym, another quick run before the show and all that accompanied by some serious scale-humming.

So I better get to it. Just to contrast the mood of this post and to right my attitude for the day, I'm gonna pump this song! Perfectemondo!

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  1. Hope you get well soon. My Mumzy always gave us a dose of apple cider vinegar with manuka honey for our sore throat........tasted terrible but it worked. Another one of mums remedies was lemon, honey, minced up ginger and garlic mixed with warm water. I still use it today. Works a treat. Don't know if it would work for you but ya never know till give it a try.