Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Filling in the blanks and gaps...

LOG: Nov 9 -> I don't even know what today's date is...or what day it is...

Every night is undefined for me - Monday night is not strictly a night for TV, dessert and putting washing away. Tuesdays aren't always for writing emails to neglected friends and family...and blogs. And Wednesdays are almost always the pre-cursor to an all-night Thursday adventure. Last Friday I got takeaways, watched a movie and went to bed before 10pm. And on Sunday I went to see Pearl Jam and came into all-too-close contact with the man himself, Eddie Vedder.

Anyway, I'm just going to go briefly recap, for the sake of my memory, some of the highlights and musings of the past few weeks.

* The All Whites qualified for the soccer world cup - very stoked. Midnight Youth's plans to get in on that party are underway!
* Saw The Veils - blew my mind. They are a seriously talented band and only god knows why they aren't insanely huge, in a non-pop way, right now. Especially in NZ!
* Aidan, my drumming pal, did his yardie in fine fashion - mucho entertaining.

* I successfully moved into my new flat which I have named 'The Bach'. Since I own zero furniture, I was a little worried my room would consist of a bed and suitcases... BUT the guy I'm room-sitting for left a desk, some drawers, a couch and a clothes rack - I basically won domestic lotto. Below is a view of the doors to my room and the back yard...and the view from underneath our beautiful pohutakawa.

* I had a dream about these guys, Munch Bunch!, my fav character was Pedro Orange....I think...I DO like all things Mexican...

* Speaking of Mexican things....The Bronx's album, Mariachi el Bronx, is particularly awesome. Perfect for an evening meal with your dream lover in a Mexican cafe...
* Yeah, I saw Pearl Jam in a very cold Christchurch a few days ago and Eddie Vedder busted through the crowd to come meet me....and a few other thousand people who were standing a lil further back from the front of the stage...and I managed to do the whole crazed fan thing and cling to his arm/shoulder for a few seconds as he waved to the totally non-important plebs behind was a pretty magic concert - they even played Better Be Home Soon with Neil and Liam Finn which was rather fitting as I was on the phone to my sister in London at the time!
* Who knew Christchurch at the end of November could be colder than Auckland in the middle of winter? Brrrrr.
* I got new glasses!! Two pairs even! They're from a sweet brand called LA Eyeworks, so if you're in the market, then definitely check their frames out! LA Eyeworks

Things are starting to really heat up for the band - we have six gigs over the next two weeks plus a whole bunch of rehearsals and interviews. Highlights will be a couple of free gigs: firstly a Greenpeace-organised show at Myers Park in Auckland city: Planet-A and Xmas in the Park (apparently 80,000 people go to it?!?!).


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  1. I went to the CHCH Pearl Jam too, and evidently it was one of the only shows on their tour that they played Even Flow.
    We're privilaged, eh?