Tuesday, December 1, 2009

To beef or not to beef!?

After much important and careful deliberation I have come to a conclusion on a question the world has been just dying to answer. That is, of course, which is better: beef Bovril, or vege Bovril?

The answer I have found myself is suitably very English - tis a tie. I honestly cannot tell the difference. Is that a good thing though and what does it mean for the world? Do we even NEED beef at all? Should cows even exist? This whole experiment has got way out of hand...

Anyway - back to the whole 'recording the events of my life' part of this blog.

The past few weeks have been pretty busy and the band have played some very cool shows in that time.

First off, we played at Westpac's Xmas party - the best corporate gig the band has ever played. We were playing for charity as our performance was auctioned off to raise funds for an organisation called 'Art For Love'. But we were looked after big time by the folks at Westpac who fed and watered us to the hilt which meant the band were in "high spirits" by the time we played made our surprise appearance on stage. The crowd went nuts and a few of us were accosted by some of the female staff both during and after the show...goodtimes.

A few days later we played a free show in Auckland city for Greenpeace which, again, totally went off. The band hadn't played a decent all-ages show in Auckland for ages, so we had a whole bunch of teens there singing along. Met a few famous peeps backstage which was pretty interesting - most Kiwi celebs are pretty down to earth and lovely but there are still a few who pop up now and then who are losers...quite enlightening!

For both of those shows the band was using our new in-ear monitors - we have been endorsed by a company called Ultimate Ears to use them and they're incredible. Basically I can have my own mix of the band's instruments and my voice right in my ears so I can wander wherever on or off stage and still hear everything perfectly. Plus they're molded exactly to fit my ears so I won't go deaf in 20 years time!

We had a big night after the Greenpeace show and had to be up the next day for C4's non-stop gig. Basically I woke up hungover as hell and had to walk in the blazing sun to do a set in front of nobody but viewers on the internet....twas very weird but after about 3 nurofens I came right...I think...THEN I had to drive to Tauranga for my old high school's leaver's dinner where I had to give, what was hopefully, an inspiring speech!

Was pretty buzzy speaking to them about "success". Made me really think about all the things I've accomplished over the past few years and how much I really have been lucky to have those opportunities. So that went alright and I got to see me folks for a lil bit as well as a bonus.

This past week gone was dominated by Xmas in the Park. Now, before you rubbish the whole thing I'll throw you a stat that qualifies the situation and me being in it: apparently it is the biggest crowd you can play to in the Southern Hemisphere apart from in Rio. So 200,000+ people turned up. And a whole heap of them were singing our songs back us. Was a truly amazing experience for us. I walked off stage feeling like I'd taken a whole heap of drugs - scientists/drug mafia out there, please find a way to bottle that!

From this week it's all about the band's summer shows which kick off this Friday night in Papakura - am hoping people come despite Greenday and Fleetwood Mac playing on the same night! Booo.

Also, someone on Twitter saw me driving my car around Auckland and 'tweeted' my number plate to the world...kinda scary huh??

Some music to listen to for ya too: posted a couple of old demo songs on my myspace page - they are called 'Rain' and 'Under My Tree'. Enjoy.

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  1. LOL that is so random... And damn... Never saw the number plate post...