Monday, May 24, 2010

Who I wish I was...

I first caught an inkling of Laura Marling at last year's SXSW in Texas - she was one of a bunch of acts that I'd valiantly listed as ones to catch at the festival....but didn't. It seems my vision of uncrowded, exclusive Austin venues were naive to say the least.

However I heard enough, through snippets online, to buy her debut album and I was rewarded with a beautiful addition to my iPod, if not a completely mind-blowing one.

Since then I've kept a lazy eye on her happenings and I've become more and more enamored.

Her new album, I Speak Because I Can, is now on my list of classic female singer-songwriter albums with the likes of Joni Mitchell's Blue.

To make matters even better her easy and expressive voice translates amazingly live. There are countless people in the world who can hold a tune, but very few who can take that tune and layer it with that indescribable dose of humanity so that it touches your soul.

Anyway, please enjoy Laura Marling live like I have:

The only thing that slightly confuses me about her is that, despite the sound of her singing voice, she's British. No slight at all. It was just unexpected.

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