Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Cherry On Top

For all those people out there who love Mumford and Sons and can't get enough of that type of English folk-rocky goodness, I have another band for you!

Their name is Cherry Ghost.

I first came across them whilst recording our first record and Mr Andrew Buckton, the man recording us, played us their album Thirst For Romance.  Myself and the whole band immediately loved it and wondered why the world hadn't embraced them and still hasn't - it's a great illustration of the ruthless factor of timing in the music industry.

These guys are somewhere in-between Mumford and Sons and one of most-favourite bands of all time, Elbow (listen to ALL of their albums at once(at a moderate pace, not actually all-at-once, that would be just crazy eh) if this is news to you).  

NOW - why this is all relevant is that they've just released their second album to rave reviews in the UK and I'm rather excited to hear it and hopefully they get huge and tour near us all.

So once I've found a way to buy it down-under I'll let you know how it sounds, but for now I can highly recommend their first album - here's one of many highlights:

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