Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sleep easy

I have never counted sheep.
Warm milk is not my cup of tea.
And a massage from my band-mates isn't such an attractive concept.

For people out there who struggle to get to sleep at night, one trick I can recommend is thinking of all the songs that used to put you to sleep when you were very young.

I was extremely lucky to have been brought up in a musical family and my Dad used to often bring his guitar into my room and sing a few tunes to myself and my siblings before we turned the lights off. The songs themselves almost always told a story, the characters came alive and set our imaginations running wild and into our dreams. Perfect.

I suppose this is part of why have developed such a love for folk music and the stories they tell. Although this isn't always evident in my own personal songwriting, it's something I aspire to in my journey as a lyricist. One of the songs from my band's first album, Benjamin, was definitely an attempt on my behalf of recreating some of the magic that surrounded my childhood imagination. Here's a brilliant interpretation of that song that, I believe, does the story it conjures up a lot of justice.

Aside from that, I thought it would be nice to share some of the songs that sent me down the road of a love for story-telling in music and also, from time to time, to a deep sleep that otherwise may not have come easily.

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