Monday, September 6, 2010

Buffalo Summer

Here's a nice music recommendation for you as, down-under, spring descends upon us and summer beckons us with the tease of clear, crisp afternoons.

I've been sitting on this artist for a little while, waiting to see if the music was a fad - but I've come to realise its worth as time and a string of convincing live videos have surfaced.

I'm talking about Avi Buffalo - loosely named but focally revolving around its lead vocalist and guitarist.

Their music is very much the fashionable low-fi Cali-pop sound that is soaring around blogs and hype-sites worldwide but I genuinely believe these guys are the best of the bunch and have the soul to go with the sound - what I believe is the most important element of original music, not it's danceability or unnecessary catchiness.

They released their first album this year. It's self-titled and contains a mix of lazy-afternoon stories and upbeat summer-fun sounds. The vocalist's voice takes a little getting used to but it's well worth the brief adaption.

SO - here's the music. The first video is straight off their album, the last two are live performances - firstly a Neil Young cover with Wilco's Jeff Tweedy, the second from the brilliant Takeaway Show series.

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