Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The road...

A wall of words surrounds them
Conversation keeps them safe
Desperation in his eyes
She resists from his embrace

Another time, she whispered softly
Behind a veil of forced goodbyes
Another time, he took and buried
And kept till winter did subside

But winter stretched into a symphony
Remotest chance became absurd
The passing years deepened the mystery
Her case of wonder went unheard

He wrote a song most every evening
Each tune detailing line for line
Each rare and bitter-sweet occasion
He had laid eyes on she divine

While he was musing over moments
She lived a wild reverie
Replacing rare, unblemished instants
With tragic raids upon the sea

Then one day proffered St Cupid's peach
Her lonesome heart made passage
His clouded eyes no longer blind
Another time, was banished

And so the arduous road to One
Rewarded weary travelers
The wait to feel each other's lips
Did barely even matter

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