Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Heading off...

I was trawling through old videos on my computer this afternoon and came across a picture-compilation I made after my last big trip to the States. It's basically just everything I shot whilst there, drenched in sepia and in sequence to some music but it's a great reminder of the excitement I experienced during the whole time away.

In six days I'm going to be embarking on a trip abroad for the first time on my lonesome and I'll be endeavoring to put together a similar thing at its conclusion.

It actually sounds a bit crazy to say, considering I've traveled a fair amount, but this will be my first time traveling without any family - whether blood or band related.

I've always wanted to travel to Europe since finishing high school - my family hails from Britain and I studied European history at University - but I've always been 100% committed to music and where that can take me, so I could never jet off by myself. Until now.

After a roller-coaster ride of a year in a lot of ways, the band has decided to have a month off for the first time in its existence and I decided to make the most of it by booking return flights to London. Presuming the band's plans for the next few years work out, this may be my only chance for such a trip for quite some time so I'm going all out.

At this stage, in my 34 days off, I'll be exploring England, Italy, France, Spain and the Netherlands plus a mystery destination my friends have kindly organised for tune in for some pictures and anecdotes once I get back to a computer!

In the meantime, here is said sepia-soaked video of my last adventure:

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