Thursday, October 14, 2010

Inborn inspiration

I think all people have a creative side to them - be it in their own personal way, through music, art, business or science. But I think inspiration is a much more precious and rare quality.

Before we create, we must be inspired and some people go years without being inspired - some just minutes.

Those people lucky enough to be constantly inspired, I believe, may have been born with that quality. And some of those people may say that it's not, in fact, a lucky attribute to have at all - much like beauty, to be inspired could possibly be a burden as well. What those people do have is the ability to communicate human expression in a form that is immediately recognisable and is empathetic to our hearts and minds.

These people, who I believe have this "inborn inspiration", seem to me to have a few recurrent qualities.

There is the age-old discussed person of melancholy - someone born with the weight of feeling all things sad and lonesome. They feel all the highs of a normal person too - but seem to reflect much longer and deeper into the lows of nature. Their way out? Expression.

Then there are romantics and dreamers - people who fantasise about perfect situations in life. People they barely know are blown into flawless sculptures to obsess over and future events are whimsically conjured into unadulterated bliss.  These people find themselves on a constant quest for these situations and the roller-coaster ride that goes with the goose-chase provides all the inspiration they need for a creative flow.

Lastly, (and only because I'm no phsycologist and I'm not writing an essay here - if I was this list may be much longer) there are people genetically predisposed to feel the brunt of humanity's fear for all things different to what is perceived as normal. This is where strange-looking people play their part. It is no coincidence that many of the greatest musicians of all time are not particularly good looking - especially those that were most inspired. Same goes with painters and authors. These people are often born with a physical ailment or are just plain ugly, extremely tall or short, or even just red-headed (this is not a poke). What these people have in common is that they don't fit in and so they either lament this fact and express the thought from the roadside of life or they strive ever harder to be a part of it and create something that will make that change happen.

Now, the true legends of inspiration are born with all three of these qualities - that is where absolute creative genius is sprung. Sometimes I wish I was one of these people, but I know I am not - though I do have elements of each I suppose (dreamer, blind, short....but far too good looking haha :p).

I don't really know where this all fits in as a blog as it's just an observation and one that's pretty obvious anyway - I suppose I just wanted to annotate the ideas in my head. BUT - I recently found a lovely redhead, via my sister's advice, making great pop tunes out of Britain. Her name's Lissie and she's rather like a more upbeat, poppy Laura Marling and if you read this blog you'll know that any comparison to Ms Marling goes a long way. So here's her big single from her debut album to delight your ears:

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