Sunday, December 12, 2010

The evidence of adventure

Adventure in any form of life is where I see people finding the pinnacle of happiness - whether it's an adventure in love, ambition or a physical journey, that's where some of one's happiest moments can occur.

You might feel it in the thrilling encompassment of a new lover, in the satisfaction and contentment of achieving a life-goal or, in my case, in experiencing foreign sights and cultures with the best of friends to share it with.

But happiness is intangible - that's why sharing it with other people is always more satisfying. Your emotion is validated by seeing someone else in the same shoes as yourself and thus it's more real, it happened, no you weren't dreaming.

This feeling doesn't last as something we can communicate and share though, so that's where souvenirs and mementos of your great happiness take its place, as tangible proof of a wonder once felt. Don't get me wrong, they don't diminish the experience (often they even magnify the adventure), but they are a very uniquely human way of holding on to your happy memories.

Anyway - enough of the musing! What I have brought back from my latest adventure is a bunch of nicely tangible mementos that I can now share with you all, probably to my own embarrassment, and reassure myself that I wasn't in a coma and dreamt this stuff up over the past 5 weeks. I'll post a few of them over the next few weeks - but first off, the wonder of Monte Carlo...and its toilets!

Yes, that's where my trip took my mind, right to the bottom. This is amazing though. I was told to go and check out the toilets in the casino there and initially I did my number ones and didn't observe anything out of the ordinary. However, I exited the facilities to find a friend of mine with a huge grin on her face and I immediately knew she had discovered what I had missed. So I took a breath and composed myself for a second visit within five minutes to this fabled lavatory, past casino staff and disgruntled millionaires, to find its hidden treasure. And this was what I found:

More mementos to come soon...

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