Monday, December 13, 2010

San Gimignano

The second of my joyful mementos came in the form of a place and its atmosphere.

This was a small medieval town in Italy called San Gimignano. It's a very popular place to visit so I imagine yourself or someone you know may have been there as well, but I like to think I got a unique view of it all (just to reassure myself a little more!). When I went there it was very much off-peak tourist season and the place was deserted, serene and supremely beautiful.  For a little while there was even someone playing what sounded like a lute in the gardens of an old church - was a wee bit inspired. I can't describe the feeling I got while walking its streets or taking in its surroundings, but I can show you a wee video of the view I got from one of its many stone towers - incredible.

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