Friday, March 11, 2011

New York

I have just finished a wonderful novel that I wanted to share with you.

It is called New York by Edward Rutherfurd and it's a must-read for any fan of historical fiction/Pillars of the Earth or of the city itself.

New York is a place I've visited twice in my life and each time it has embraced me in its atmosphere of imagination, dreams, freedom and adventure. This book contains all these elements and gave me a greater sense of how this all came about - from Dutch settlers, to English rule, through the Civil War, mass immigration, mass construction, stock market crashes and the 9/11 tragedy. Throughout all these events are woven the tales of a string of families; their fortunes and failures in the great city and how they intertwine with some of the greatest people in world history. 

It's a long book, but don't let that put you off if what I've written sounds like your cup of tea.

It's actually the fourth book I've read from this author, the others being Sarum, London and Russka - all follow a similar format and all are an incredible way to enlighten yourself on various places and times and their roles in human history. If any of you have read the great novel Pillars of the Earth and enjoyed it then these books are 100% for you as well.

Please enjoy!

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