Monday, May 2, 2011

Macacheros Dominguez!

This song and the album from whence it came are both awesome.

But this song really does just sound like me singing fake Spanish lyrics...anyone who has witnessed my drunken, pseudo-Mexican, musical outbursts will attest to this fact.

Now I'm gutted someone bet me to recording it!


  1. I think I would very much like to witness your drunken, pseudo-Mexican, musical outbursts.

    Especially seeing as this 'song' doesn't even have singing ??

  2. Aaaargh - wrong video...the outbursts should be there now....

  3. Oh no !! I thought that might be the case, I tried finding one with singing but failed. I was watching it, like.. why I am I watching this dude being all loco in the desert haha. But yes the outbursts are there now :)