Friday, June 10, 2011

Birthday, a new friend

Album II - Day 4 & 5

It was more of the same in the studio on day four - the only notable exception to the recording process was celebrating Si's birthday with a cake and a fair few drinks.

We got through the bulk of another song and hopefully some of the celebratory mood we were all in will be evident in the final version of the song.

I also made myself a new friend in the studio and I'm totally in love, in a 'can't get enough of them' way - here's a picture:

So in-between ideas and takes I've been hard at work trying to beat my high score - these things must have been especially mind-blowing pre-computers and consoles...even more than they are to me now! So I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get me one of these if I ever get my own house.

Day five was a groggy kind of day for us - it was dark and wet outside and maybe that, and a few too many drinks for a few of us the night before, meant slow progress...

But that's nothing another night can't fix...

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