Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gathering momentum

Album II - Day 3

Recording is coming along nicely - we're onto song three of the album on the third day, so we're right on track. One of the main reasons we've been able to do this is the way we've set ourselves up here.

Let me explain a little. We have two recording setups here at York St - the main studio and control room are being used for tracking all the important instruments and vocals. So throughout the day these areas are humming along in constant business - guitar, bass, drums and vocals are all tracked here, all the most important stuff.
While that's all going on we have another recording hub going on - the "B studio". We've taken over what is usually an office and Nick has brought in his home studio set up. Here we record backing vocal and percussion tracks plus work on synth and keyboard sounds. We can also use it as a place to simply jam along with the guide track and come up with ideas over and above what we've already produced prior to coming here. This set up is playing a huge part in us keeping up with the rough "song-a-day" schedule we've planned as pretty much no one is ever idle during the day.

So it's very much a case of us building an environment we're we create our own momentum and run with that hot feeling - it's working a treat so far!

Here's a very wee peak into studio life for you...

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