Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Looking for inspiration

Album II - day 2

After a day of largely setting up yesterday, today we're finally 100% recording/creating/messing with music.

As I'm still recovering from my wee cold, I won't be recording any final lead vocals until possibly next week - so my role at the moment is to be an opinion on sounds for guitars and pads whilst concentrating  on backing vocal ideas and lyrics.

Lyrics are always a major challenge as they can't be forced and play such a huge role in deciding whether a song clicks 100% with an audience - plus they are so personal, so it's always a challenge throwing a part of yourself literally into the world to be judged. (Don't excuse the pun, embrace it)

I'm always searching for inspiration wherever I can. I recently spent a rare few nights with my family in Tauranga and dug up an old box of childhood memories I had stashed away - photo albums, diaries, gift cards and tapes. My Dad had an old tape player and I spent a good few hours playing through these tapes and listening to various recordings my family and I had made - mostly they were just me talking, joking around with friends at sleepovers and, occasionally, singing.

The biggest gem I found was this recording of me at some stupidly young age doing my best RnB impression (I say stupidly due largely to the song choice)... but it inspired me as it was a fearless recording and I think fearlessness needs to be a key ingredient for everything contained in the album we're currently creating.


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  2. You have a way with words and it makes everything so beautiful and spellbinding, not just on here but in your lyrics. I can see you write with passion and love and all those other emotions that are dormant inside of you, waiting top colour the page. I LOVE your last album and can’t wait for the next!

    Love from Anna - twitter - @mY_NamE_iS_AnNA