Monday, June 6, 2011

A new chapter...

Album II, Day 1

Having spent the weekend largely tucked away in my room with a badly-timed mild cold, I awoke this Queen's Birthday morning finally with the feeling that a new album was a reality.

I don't think many people realise, but it's been three years since the band recorded The Brave Don't Run in New York and four or sometimes five years since we wrote many of those songs. In that time the band has grown up, had huge success, huge failure, embarrassing moments and moments full of pride. We've toured the US twice, played over 100 shows in Australia and made a start on getting somewhere in Asia. The band has some experience in the music industry now, we've found a small foothold in a place where so many slip away - but at the same time we are babies, still in wonder of music matter how long you are in this industry I don't think you can ever shake that feeling, and I couldn't bear to regardless.

So now a new opportunity has arisen and my future as a musician will largely be determined over the next three weeks - an excitingly daunting prospect.

We've spent countless hours writing and producing the songs we're going to be recording, we're almost over-prepared and absolutely itching to see how we've grown over the past few years as musicians and songwriters - so, naturally, I spent the first morning of the process in bed while the rest of the guys loaded in and set up the studio.

Yes, I'm the lead singer.

Though the reputation that role carries probably doesn't quite apply to this situation - my time was better spent in an empty house working on lyrics rather than waiting seven hours for the studio to be ready to start recording anything. Yes, that's the reality on day one - 90% of the day is spent recording nothing at all. We spent most of the time taking over the studio - loading in gear, dressing the rooms with lamps and lights and setting up equipment the way our engineer wants it.

We're aiming to work roughly on a song-per-day timetable for the first few weeks here - so after a 10am load-in, it was 6pm before we started laying some live cuts that mantra obviously won't apply today!

But, despite the slow start, a beginning has begun and this new chapter is finally realised...

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