Monday, June 20, 2011

New York vs New Zealand - part one

This album-recording process is a much different experience to the one we had with our first, The Brave Don't Run - so I thought it'd be pretty interesting to run through a few comparisons between that and the present case...

The Brave Don't Run: New York (Brooklyn, Queens, Harlem, Manhattan)
Album II: Auckland (Parnell, Newton)

Obviously New York wins this comparison strictly in terms of surroundings, incredible - to be able to record there was an absolute privilege for a Kiwi band.

The Brave Don't Run: Tiny two bedroom studio for six guys to share and sleep on airbeds in - during daytime hours we had to record in those rooms, so everything was packed away each day. Plus we had a great toilet which was constantly blocked and over-flowing.
Album II: Band flat - we all live together in a great house. So our own beds and surroundings to return to each night are pretty great.

The Brave Don't Run: We had pretty much no budget for this album - we spent all our savings to get there and we were relying on the album having some success for us to be able to pay anyone involved. Once we retrospectively received NZOnAir funding and were signed we were, thankfully, able to do this!

Album II: This time we enter the process as a signed and successful act - most of our budget comes from NZOnAir and then our record label provide the rest. Due to NZOnAir funding processes changing this year, this could be the last album we record like this as our budget would be substantially cut - unless things really take off for us abroad, fingers crossed!

The Brave Don't Run: We recorded in three small project studios around New York for most of the tracking - only drums were recorded in a large, established pro studio. There was a lot of time spent packing in and out, setting up and packing down and in adapting to new desks and surroundings.
Album II: This time we're in one studio, York St in Auckland, for the whole process - we have everything at our fingertips, time is well-spent and we have space to set up a kind of commune throughout the different rooms the place provides us.

The Brave Don't Run: We were able to bring a few instruments with us to New York, but we were largely relying on our producer for extra gear to vary sounds on that first record. It ended up being just varied enough but probably not ideal for a true creative exploration of sounds for the songs

Album II: Recording in Auckland in one big studio means we have all our own gear, our friends' gear, borrowed gear from the Rockshop plus the gear the studio itself owns. We're truly able to spend time finding the right vibe for each instrument for each of the tracks which will definitely result in better songs for everyone to listen to.

So that's part one of this little exercise - I'll have more for you over the next few days. Things are going great here by the way, 10 songs down and sounding amazing!

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