Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Base camp reached.

When climbing Mt Everest, your base camp is around 5,500 metres high - you reach this place, rest and acclimatise, and then resume a climb to a peak you may not ever reach.

I am at my base camp.

Last night we completed all the vocals for our yet to be named second album. Now there's just some strings to add to a few songs before the final mixing and mastering processes begin.

Our first single has been chosen and that's headed to be mixed within the next seven days before being released in New Zealand late next month.

At this point, personally, I feel immensely satisfied. I love every song that will be on this album and I love what the band has gone through to create them. We found our motivation, planned our climb, put life aside and set out for another journey in which we'll poke our minds into the sight of the world's examining eyes. Right now these are our songs, we are the sole-owners and we can treasure listening to them.

Very soon they will be songs of the world, not ours. And that's where the climb resumes - a climb you can plan on little but hard work.

We're planning on conquering our mountain - but if we fail trying, at least wherever we fall, having come this far, we're going to have a view to always remember.

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  1. You had me at good grammar Jeremiah Redmore. And this, this is some inspirational stuff. We, your fans, hope to make the climb right alongside you :)