Thursday, July 14, 2011

So close....

Album tracking is tantalisingly close to being finished...but for now, it goes on...

At this stage, we've pretty much finished tracking 95% of every song we're recording for this album and now we're adding the very final touches to each track before they're mixed.

For most of this week Si, Nick and myself have been in Studio 203 adding guitar, percussion and vocal backing tracks to songs and we're at the point now where we only have to add some strings, a wee bit more percussion and a few vocal bits and pieces to songs in order for it all to be 100% tracked.

The next step is to pre-mix the tracks before mixing happens - we'll be pretty much rough-mixing the tracks, complete with our desired effects on instruments/voice, as well as making the sessions as simple as possible for whoever we get for the final mix.

Hopefully that will all be sorted within the next 10 days and then the songs will effectively be set free into the arms of people who make the songs sound like they do in our dreams - and then to the world.

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