Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Everything slows in winter, except the wind. And the fast wind only encourages escape. My mind craves a richness of ingredients to balance the crawling hideaway. A selective richness in food, drink, company and music.

This winter I have discovered some new ingredients to add to my regular musical intake.

Firstly, an album from a band well-versed in creating the perfect wintery escape - Smart Flesh by The Low Anthem.

It is a complete album (not two or three hyped tracks mixed with some co-written bullshit), it tells a story and, like a good story, takes you through a range of situations and emotions on its way to delivering you an experience. Every song seems to have a purpose and I like that. If you like Eels, Band of Horses, Noah and the Whale, Great Lake Swimmers etc, then you'll like this album.

My second recommendation comes for a band that I'd never heard of before and very much stumbled upon - yet it's their third studio album. These guys are called Hey Rosetta! (the exclamation mark might've been important to them about five years ago) and the album is called Seeds.

They've apparently been quite acclaimed in Canada, winning awards etc for a number of years - but to me none of that really matters - just one listen to this album got me hooked and I feel like the more I listen to it the more I will enjoy it. It's one of those albums, and maybe on of those bands, that has a lot more depth to it than one can first notice. And, like The Low Anthem, this album is complete.

Definitely listen to this one if you are a fan of Glen Hansard, Okkervil River, Arcade Fire, etc...

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