Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Living in the Material World

I watched this Martin Scorsese documentary on the life of the late George Harrison last night and pretty much all I can say about it is: see it now.

It's a long one - the two parts come together to be around four hours of viewing, but I was stuck on it from the moment it began.

The thing I loved about this doco was that it not only covered the general path of his life but it also went into great detail about his inspirations and what it meant to Harrison to be doing what he was doing.

I also seem to have some kind of morbid fascination with the kind of casual obituary provided by friends and colleagues that comes with this type of film.

In short, I loved it - Scorsese is an undisputed genius and so was Harrison, so it was pretty hard to go wrong on this. Again, see it now!

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