Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jordie Lane

On Sunday evening I had the privilege of attending a great little gig in Auckland that showcased a bunch of very talented folk musicians.

Three NZ artists took the stage for short sets before the headliner, an Australian called Jordie Lane, finished off the evening. Katie Scott, Matt Langley and Mel Parsons were the Kiwi acts and all impressed in their own ways - Parsons' voice in particular was a highlight for me - but Jordie Lane definitely showed his class as a true storyteller in a genre that needs more of the type.

This guy is one of those old-souls, or just someone particularly gifted in expressing a sense of wisdom and worldliness in his songs that belies his appearance - much like my beloved Laura Marling! Plus, his tunes were great, his musicianship was impressive and he was personable on stage in a way that a lot of Kiwi singer-songwriters could take note of - humble and funny, without any shy awkwardness.

I was actually lucky enough on the night to win a copy of his latest album from a bucket draw (last time I won one of those things it was a meat-pack, so this was huge!) and I've been listening to it in my car the past few days, just to make sure he's not one of those acts you see live that you love only to find their recordings let them down. I was in luck again - it doesn't. It's great.

Have a listen to the below tracks and, if you like them, please go out and buy his album off iTunes, you'll not regret it.

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