Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How songs evolve...

It's always a little bit magical how songs are born and grow over time - some of the most interesting stories I've heard in the industry are about how songs evolved in a studio, or didn't evolve whatsoever.

I was trawling through the many finished and unfinished demos on my computer this morning, rediscovering old gems and cringing at some shockers, when I found the first recorded idea for one of the songs off my band's new album.

The track is called Listen, and I think this demo is a classic case of how a lot of our songs evolve once brought to the collective band.

So first-off, here's a link to the finished product, so you can get your bearings.

Listen by midnightyouth

And here's the first inkling of the idea - basically just me jamming a verse structure and melody, making shit up as I went, about two years ago.

Caught My Mind by jredmore

This is a great example of how much a song can change from that first birth.

I'll post an example of the opposite, how little an idea can change, in the coming days.

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