Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Being a fanboy

I recently got a taste of being on the other side of the musical stage - getting a thrill out of interacting with one of my favourite artists.

Through some avenue I can't remember I stumbled upon an online competition put on by a childhood obsession - Counting Crows.

These guys were the instigators of my love for alt-country/folk music and their albums still rank amongst my favourite singalong records.

Now, to get to the point, their competition involved recording and submitting a cover-version of any one of their songs which would then be judged by the band and ranked to find some winners.

I had pretty much taught myself to play guitar by playing along to their songs, so I thought I'd quickly record a version of one of my favourites of theirs and send it in for shits.

I didn't win the competition. BUT, I was placed in the top 5 somehow - even with my low-fi recording - and got some lovely wee personal feedback from the band.

It definitely gave me a big thrill to think they actually listened to the track and it reinforced to me how important it can be to interact with your fans - it can be a powerful experience for people.

Anyway - I thought I'd share the song I recorded for the competition here and hopefully you enjoy it as well!

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