Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tour - Day Two

Number One
In this day's first notable event, oft-spotted Motorhead frontman Lemmy was again spotted in LA. This time by Midnight Youth at SIR Studios where they were rehearsing for upcoming shows on their current tour. Despite popping up in numerous metal-tourist accounts of visits to LA, largely due to his frequenting the infamous Rainbow Bar on Sunset Strip, Lemmy's appearance was still notable enough for Midnight Youth vocalist Jeremy Redmore to post about it on his blog that seven people read.

Number Two
Hard Rock CafeOk, back to regular prose! This was a Thursday night in LA and we started it off at the launch of the Worldwide Radio Summit that we're appearing at. The event was held at the Hard Rock Cafe on Hollywood Boulevard(which had me singing Ryan Adams to myself in my head all night) and basically consisted of some free drinks and nibbles while some of the featured acts played in what was a horrible-sounding room. So we didn't last long there haha. Notable though!

Number Three
Once we left Hard Rock Cafe we headed down the boulevard a wee bit to what is apparently a "cool" area called Franklin Village. We met up with some friends and happened upon happy hour at 11pm at a great little bar called Birds. $2 beers and (stupidly-large) LA shots ensued while we whiled away the night till close. Everything closes up at 2am in LA so it was a good excuse for me to get to bed and rest a bit before our first show Friday. Day done.


  1. Hey Jeremy

    Couldn't help but notice the remark in Jest to 'Seven People' reading yer blog. We met briefly walking home after Ryan Adams recent auckland show. My brain was far too dehydrated and far too full of Ryan at the time to mention, but your Blog's been an awesome guide for new personal treats - musically and otherwise.

    Portugal. The Man is now on constant rotation, One Day by David Nichols ruled and Delta Spirit was a great new discovery today… so cheers for putting the time in to a killer blog.

    Soak up America.


    1. Yo Allan! Thanks heaps for the message man, appreciate it and good to know you're enjoying some of those recommendations!

      Talk soon