Friday, April 27, 2012

Tour - Day 1, Top 3

I've decided I'm going to write up a quick Top 3 of notable events from every day that I'm away on this "world trip" with m'band to help me remember what the hell happened. So here goes with Day 1.

Number 1 (yeah this shit is bold, underlined AND italicised it's that notable!)
I was pretty stoked about this one - we've been flying all over the place as a band for the past few years and so have built up a fair few air miles etc with Air New Zealand. I recently went up a status tier with their rewards system which gives me two free upgrades on any flight - so I decided what better time to use one than on a brand new plane and on a trip where I'd be singing for five hours the next day.
So I chanced my arm with applying for my upgrade and was told there were twice as many people applying for the seats as they had available - I wasn't optimistic.
However, at the last possible moment, on going through the boarding gate, I was told I had been upgraded. So premium economy it was for me - brand new spacey/comfy seats, good food and in the end a good sleep and easy trip.

Number 2
Stupid personal joke here but Matt (bassist) tried to run through a glass door and got a nice shiner on his forehead - in front of everyone who was hanging by the hotel pool. In our jet-lagged, dazed and slightly pissed state it was comedic gold.

Number 3
Apparently someone drove in to a power transformer in the vicinity of our hotel, so the place was out of electricity for most of the day. We were all given torches while the place was pitch black. Yeah I'm reaching, but it IS notable!

Hopefully the mood on the trip stays like this for a bit...

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