Monday, April 30, 2012

Tour - Day Four

Number One 
I met a guy who looked just like the band's NZ sound guy - except with the facial hair he needs!

Number Two
Phone treasure
We had a day off and after about three hours of wandering around the area of our hotel I took it easy for most of the day. BUT, one highlight was finding this video on my phone.

Number Three
To put this next one into context you need to know that my band is managed by a guy called Matt Coleman and also that our first few shows on this tour are being played at a music conference here in LA. Now - as per the norm at a conference, delegates receive a bag of "goodies" at some point during the schedule which is usually full of bollocks, despite its name. This time however, the goodie bag struck gold for those who know our manager and probably struck silver-plated for those who don't. Check out what was in here:

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