Thursday, May 31, 2012


While I was in Singapore I took part in probably the biggest interview of my life.

We stumbled upon the producer of BBC World Asia at a swanky Nokia party at the Ritz Carlton and she was interested in putting a story together on the Music Matters event we were a part of. Ideally, she would have got hold of someone with a bit more news-clout, but I suspect she was stuck with me after other potential guests fell through.

The upside to it all was that the presenter, who I'd seen numerous times in early-morning BBC viewings, got to have her second guest ever in the studio with her - the guest previous to me being Malcolm McLaren - and her first ever "live performance".

There wasn't supposed to be a performance, I was awkwardly put on the spot, so I hope it didn't come across too cheesy to viewers :s

Anyway, this thing went out to 230 million household worldwide and it was all done live after a big night out so, all things considered, I count it as a success!

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