Monday, May 7, 2012

Tour - Day 11

I've finally accumulated enough numbers of days on tour to acceptably list them numerically! I am a geek.

Number One
This was a long day and a tricky day to recall as it involved half a day in LA, a ten hour flight to London, then a 2 1/2 hour flight to Berlin then some wanderings and dinner. So it was kind of long. But I count these days from when my head hits a pillow to the next!
I started this great day with a visit to the lovely people who provide me with amazing glasses frames, LA Eyeworks. We've been talking via email for quite some time but this was my first chance to meet some of their team and check out their flagship store on Melrose in Hollywood. Here, I got to see their whole range on display and pick up more of their personal vibe, it was awesome. They were also kind enough to let me pick out a new frame to take with me. So as soon as I'm home I'll head into my other friends at Occhiali Optical to get them prescriptionised so I can wear them out, can't wait.

Number Two
My cold came back with a vengeance today, so I was in some discomfort upon arriving in Berlin. I set out pretty much straight away to find some cold pills and along the way got to explore some of the neighbourhood we're staying in. It's about 100m away from the last remaining standing part of the Eastern Wall which is incredible and the bars and cafes around here all seem very bohemian and unique. I'll hopefully get to check out more of it tomorrow, but it was a great start and fingers crossed these pills do the trick.

Number Three
Tallest Man
Kristian Matsson, aka The Tallest Man On Earth, is staying in the same hotel as us. If you've followed much of my blog in the past you'll know I'm a huge, huge fan of his. Si met and had a chat to him over a cigarette late in the evening - so I'm hoping to catch him tomorrow to extend some adulation towards him.

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