Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tour - Day 12

Number One
Mother Russia
I awoke in Berlin feeling the effects of a rough sleep and my lingering cold but determined to explore a little on what was a relative day off. I hired a bike and headed against the tourist grain (I plan to hit the big spots later in the week) to the Soviet Memorial in Treptower Park. I studied a lot of Russian History as part of my degree and have always held a fascination with what is a huge country full of extremes and rich culture. This memorial was built in 1949 to remember those Soviet troops who had died in the Battle of Berlin that ended World War II. In true Soviet style it is huge, ominous, powerful and strikingly chilling in the fashion of a genuine memorial. Here are some pictures of it one point I felt like Atreyu walking through those laser-eyed statues in Neverending Story!

Number Two
Museum der Dinge
The second highlight of my excursion was a visit to a small museum/gallery that recounted German household objects of the past 100 years or so. This TV/Entertainment system was a best-seller in 1959...straight out of The Jetsons!

Number Three
Laid low
At the end of my bike-ride I decided to head to a local chicken joint that was recommended by our taxi driver from the airport as "the best in Berlin". Evidently I didn't read his sarcasm. Though, at first, all seemed pretty decent. About an hour or so after finishing my meal though I had it trying to get out again through whatever means necessary. So that finished my day...being bed-ridden in Berlin, a city I was so looking forward to making the most of, is pretty shit. But tomorrow can always be a better day - so I will look up.

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