Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tour - Day 13

Number One
After the roller-coaster of the day before, it was with relief that I woke to a relatively
easy feeling - after breakfast anyway. The effects of my fowl chicken, excuse the pun, were subsiding and after three or so hours of driving from Berlin to Hamburg I was feeling much better and ready to play a show that night. Hopefully my bad luck with my health has run its course!

Number Two
Our visit to Hamburg was always going to be fleeting - we arrived at around 4:30pm and we were leaving the next morning - but the vibe we got from the place was great. The area we were staying, and in which the venue for our show was, was right in the midst of the "entertainment district". It was stacked full of clubs, bars, restaurants and a flourishing red light district. Somewhere mixed up in there was also a huge Beatles legacy from their time spent in Hamburg early in their career. In fact, the venue we played at was right beside the first club The Beatles ever played in Germany. There was also a bunch of street art and tribute bands playing round the place. What we saw was a small slice but it's definitely a place I'd love to revisit - fingers crossed!

Number Three
We played our first ever show in Europe on this night, so it was somewhat historic for us. It has always been a place I'd looked forward to touring - even though we're starting on a small scale. We were the only band playing, on this Tuesday night, to a modest but amazing crowd of fans, media and industry. We had a great time, easily the most fun of the tour so far, and managed to get an unplanned encore on our first European show - we were stoked and hopefully we'll be back soon Hamburg!

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