Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tour - Day 14

Number One
Long Day
Today was a day of promo for Si and I. We woke early to train about four hours to Cologne, then an hour and a half to Dortmund, then another four back to Berlin late at night. It all went great and hopefully we're laying some good groundwork to return to Germany sometime later this year - these days are always taxing though.

Number Two
There were a couple of highlights that our day of promo gave us - the first being a close encounter with two awesome rough collies in Dortmund. Here's a little video of them - later on one of them tried to sing along while we were filming an acoustic performance so hopefully that will emerge on the web at some point soon too….I always wanted a "feat. Dog" in one of my songs! 

Number Three
Cologne/Koln cathedral
I've always wanted to visit Cologne to see this amazing cathedral in the flesh. It has the second-tallest spires of any cathedral in the world and has a fascinating history starting in the 13th century. There's my history major coming out...

Shit...two weeks has flown by...

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