Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tour - Day 15

Number One
Back on the bike
Today was our second and final full day in Berlin so I was determined to see everything my bad chicken took away from me earlier in the week! It was a relatively quick ride through the city but I managed to see the Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate and the Jewish memorial - basically the big three for me - as well as all the other amazing architecture around the inner-city.

Number Two
Sage Club
Our second show in Germany was at a place called Sage Club - an amazing place with four or five different rooms and a poolside bar all in a concrete hive decorated by gothic erotic paintings and furniture. On Thursdays, when we played, the place is a rock club that seems to be hugely popular no matter who's playing - that's why we were there! - but on other nights it becomes a place called Kit-Kat Club where clothing is very much optional. Anyway, the show went great and it'll be a tough show to top when we get back to Berlin again.

Number Three
This guy
There were a bunch of people hanging in our green room at this show - the bassist from Bloodhound Gang, the singer of a huge German medieval metal band, a current Playboy cover-girl and this guy. He was my favourite. His name was Bam Bam.

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