Monday, May 14, 2012

Tour - Day 16

Number One
Long Train Running
Today was another long travel day - we were up early after a big night out to train from Berlin to Amsterdam. With all our gear. It was a bit of a mission but after we convinced the train conductor that it was cool for our gear to block most of the corridor on our carriage it all worked out! I spent most of the trip watching Sons of Anarchy...steaming through it at this rate - awesome show! We arrived in Amsterdam and to our hotel which is classic as all hell - seems like every band stays here when visiting the place.

Number Two
This trip to Amsterdam was incredibly timed. We arrived in the early evening, just in time to make a surprise appearance at a great friend of mine's birthday party.

Number Three
The canals of Amsterdam make this place just that little bit special compared to other European cities I've visited and there's nothing like getting on a boat and cruising around the city. After the birthday party had died down a little, about 15 of us jumped on a friend's boat with a chilly bin of beers and soaked up the early hours amongst the city's lights - this is the Amsterdam I love.

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