Monday, May 14, 2012

Tour - Day 17

Number One
The Reeeeemix
I awoke to a refreshingly cold and sunny morning in Amsterdam and an interesting email in my inbox from a band called This Machine Kills Pacifists which helped start my day in hilarious fashion. These guys have got huge on the net from remixing regular, everyday Youtube videos - their latest one was mine. They sent me the below track and a description of themselves as follows: "We are an open, yet precise beatnik movement that can be described as niggeresque, with a touch of faggotry". I hope you enjoy it a much as I did.

Number Two
New Zealand Auckland
There is a shop and fashion label here in Amsterdam that pisses me off to no end. They call themselves "New Zealand Auckland" and make shitty streetwear for Joe Blowsterdam. Now that is pretty shit, but the icing on the cake is that if you look at the labels on their clothes they actually use an Australian flag to accompany their brand name. Wankers.

Number Three
Sugar Factory
We played our first ever show in The Netherlands on this night in a great venue called Sugar Factory. We had an amazing time and were blown away by the fact we had a great, responsive crowd on the other side of the world. The venue itself was also a perfect companion to it all - Hoegaarden on tap!! - we were stoked. A recurring theme that's coming up on this trip is that in-house sound engineers, that are employed full-time by venues, are incredible - we can't afford to take our own engineer on this trip, so we're relying on these guys to do the best they can for us and they're totally nailing it, thank god.

p.s - "This Machine Kills Pacifists" is actually Aidan and Matt making the most of their combined hangover glows.

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