Friday, May 18, 2012

Tour - Day 19

NB: my apologies for lack of pictures for the next few days of the diary...our hotel in Liverpool has the slowest net in the greater Merseyside region.

Number One
This was another long travel day for the band. We caught a train from Amsterdam to Brussels and then on to London, so not too much to report. There was a new Game of Thrones episode to nail down and some more Sons of Anarchy and that was that.

Number Two
On the way to Berlin we passed through Heathrow Airport and one of their terminals there and it was interesting because I saw no sign whatsoever that London was going to host an Olympic Games in a few months. It was only upon arriving by train that we finally saw those signs. You'd think the city would be hyping the shit out of it but that doesn't seem to be the case from what we've seen so far.

Number Three
We arrived at our hotel in Shepherds Bush at around 7:30pm and went in search of a nearby feed. We followed our noses and came across one of the biggest shopping malls in Europe - apparently if you walk past all the shops in the place you'll cover eight miles on foot. It looks like we'll be spending some decent time here too - our hotel charges $NZ25 for seven hours of internet, while at the mall it's free!

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