Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tour - Day 22

Number One
Some space
After an early start and two-hour train trip, we arrived in Liverpool to our hotel. It's down near the Albert Dock, right in the cultural centre of the city which will be awesome for a little bit of exploring at some point. After a screw-up with our reservation, we all received a room each, rather than shared suites - and it's bloody luxury to have some personal space at this point of the tour!

Number Two
A "show"
We relaxed in our hotel for a few hours, ate some food on the dock and then assembled our gear to take to the venue for our first show of the festival. Upon arriving at the venue it wasn't long before we got some bad news. The backline we had ordered for the show was not there and what was available was only fitting for a band of 12-year-old beginner musos. It was a joke of a set up and not what we came from the other side of the world to do - we're a professional act and this was clearly not a professional event. So, for the first time in our careers, we pulled out of a show. I'll be clear here and say that we've played in rough venues before, with sub-standard gear and sound, and they've been some of the most fun in our careers - but this was a whole other level of shit. I came away feeling embarrassed, angry and bewildered that it all actually happened. We're hoping for better at tomorrow's show.

Number Three
I needed a few drinks after the earlier debacle and, fortunately, I had the perfect people to enjoy some with. I have a lot of history with Liverpool in my family - my father was born and raised here, my mother lived here for years and years and I still have a bunch of cousins based in the area. So it was amazing that a few of them came along to meet with me for a few pints - one I had actually never met in person before. It's funny how easy it can be for family to get on - maybe genes play a part in this subconscious familiarity - and I had a great end to a roller-coaster of day.

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