Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tour - Day 23

Number One
Liverpool - this land's the place I love.
I had a sleep in today for the first time on tour really - it's been tough to catch up when we change time zones all the time, so this was nice. We had the afternoon free so I wandered down the docks on this side of the Mersey and soaked up the city of my father's family. It's a strange feeling knowing this was where so many of my relatives grew up and formed their lives and how I'm now so separate to it all - it was great for once to straddle these generations and get some perspective. I checked out the new Liverpool museum, the Tate Gallery and the Maritime Museum - all great features of a much cleaner waterfront than what I remember when I visited as a kid. The port itself seemed very quiet for a city that was built around shipping - I hope that this wasn't a sad realisation for the place. 

Number Two
100% Scouse!
In one of my favorite encounters of the tour so far, I was approached by a local who wanted to know where one of the other festival venues was. Upon me telling him I had no idea, coming from New Zealand, he stated that he couldn't believe his eyes - "you're 100% scouse you are, look at ya!". My father would be proud.

Number Three
One of the best part of my Liverpool experience was taking cabs around the city - the drivers are incredible and all possess that classic scouse sense of humor. If you ever visit the place, screw the trains and busses - take a cab and talk about anything in the world with the driver as it may just end up being the highlight of your day.

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