Monday, May 21, 2012

Tour - Day 25

Number One
Internet has been a bitch while we've been in the UK - you either have to pay exorbitant prices or deal with ridiculous dial-up-esque speed. So it was with some irony that the crappiest place we've stayed at while we've been here has fast, free internet. I was great to see a few of my loved ones in the morning before they all went to sleep in NZ and I had to check out and head to the airport. Life for touring artists must have been a whole other deal without the internet - now, I imagine you don't feel so detached from the world.
Crappy place also pissed me off with crappy spelling below.

Number Two
We had a great send off from the guy we were working with on our shows in the UK, Richard Beck, at his house before we shot through. Beers and pizza on the roof and just enough time to re-charge my toothbrush and hunt for clean undies. I'm pretty rocknroll.

Number Three
The prospects for our trip to Singapore are very intriguing to me - the weather forecast is for constant thunderstorms, while the shows are free to the public and seem to be very well organised at this point. I've also had a great email from a good friend of mine with advice on what to do there, so any free time should be well spent - barring food poisoning/influenza. My first mission when I'm there is to find a pair of jandals, fast.

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