Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tour - Day 26

Warning - boring travel day ahead...

Number One
Heathrow Toilet Paper
Congrats to the One Star Alliance lounge at Heathrow - your toilet paper is the best I had in Britain! (toilet paper in the UK is about as good as the stuff you wipe with it.)

Number Two
Matt's Birthday
We spent 11.5 hours flying to Hong Kong, had a five hour layover there before flying 3.5 hours to Singapore. Not much fun. I managed to knock myself out with a pill on the long flight though, so that wasn't too torturous. The weird thing about the whole travel day though was that Matt's birthday was somewhere in the midst of it all - I think we were present in May 21 for about seven hours. We're always away on the road for his birthday - the past five years - so this one was a bit underwhelming, though at least we have a good excuse to celebrate in Singapore.

Number Three
We arrived at our hotel in Singapore at about 2am with a great appetite. The only thing open at that time was McDonalds, so we wandered down there and I had one of the best McDonalds burgers of my life - the Teppenyaki Chicken McGrill burger. Do it if you're ever here and your only option for food is fast.
Tomorrow's missions are to clean my clothes, successfully play an acoustic show and properly celebrate Matt's birthday.

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