Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tour - Day 27

Number One
Singapore Fun Facts (so far)
* Beds are short - I feel tall for once in my life, even if it is lying down!
* Air conditioning, usually the bane of a vocalist's life, is my friend for once.
* Tap water is seldom found truly cold.
* It really is hot as hell here.
* Laundromats are very popular - three day wait for wash & dry means every possible hanging-space in my hotel room is full of undies and socks again.

Number Two
Money, money.
Ok, so I was pre-warned that Singapore would be a bit expensive, but this is ridiculous. I got the shock of my life today buying a 200ml glass of beer for $NZ13...and that wasn't even the most expensive option! I actually got really excited by a sign that said read: "Five Heinekens for $56" later in the night. It looks like it'll be a pretty dry week here for us. Though we did celebrate Matt's birthday with all the freebies we could muster at the launch of the festival we're playing at here - we will have to hunt more down. The strange thing about it all is that while drink, food and general shopping is expensive,  taxis are cheap as chips - I feel sorry for the guys really, they're missing out on all the ripping off!

Number Three
Four Floors of Whores
After the launch of the festival at Hard Rock Cafe we headed out for some "birthday drinks" (one round was all we got through on our budget) and we'd been told to check out Orchard Towers. Now, Orchard Towers sounds like a pretty tame name right? It's actually commonly known around town as the Four Floors of Whores and that's a very accurate description. We headed initially to a place called Ipanema where there were about 1000 people packed inside - of the 1000, about 200 were men, the other 800 were working girls while of the 200 men, about 190 were over the age of 40. It was absolutely bizarre, but an amazing sight. We then forced ourselves to the top floor of whores to see how convincing the local lady-boys were. They were. And now I trust no one.
I am crazy for Singapore. Matt loves birthdays.

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