Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tour - Day 28

Number One
Sentosa Island
Today was all about the tourism. After a quick jaunt around Raffles Hotel and an extra-spicy lunch at Raffles Mall three of us decided to head to Sentosa Island, not really knowing what the hell was there. It turns out it's basically a massive resort, with hotels, golf courses, Universal Studios and a whole lot of other family-friendly activities. There's pretty beaches dotted along the coast, animal encounters, a weirdly huge sculpture of a "Merlion" (Mermaid/Lion), an oceanarium, a sky tower and probably a bunch more. We didn't have a huge budget for these kinds of things, but we decided to try out a couple...

Number Two
We had to do this. I always love a good luge in Rotorua and this one on Sentosa Island pays complete homage to the world's luging jewel. It's all pretty similar actually - you ride down a decent, but relatively short, track to the bottom of a hill where you then jump back on an open-air gondola which takes you back to the top. It was all pretty cool but the best part had to be seeing Si and Nick's luge-high fade into oblivion as they shat their pants on the gondola back up.

Number Three
Learning To Fall
After our last luge ride, Nick wandered off and returned to us with an expression of utter excitement on his face. It turns out he's always wanted to do indoor sky-diving - and here on Sentosa Island, they have the biggest wind tunnel in the world for this exact purpose. We couldn't leave without him giving it a go. It was pretty amazing to watch the pros doing flips and ninja-esque dives and upside-down spins but it paled in comparison to seeing Nick live his dream amongst unadulterated joy. Check it below.

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