Friday, May 25, 2012

Tour - Day 29

Number One
Flying Fox!
It was back to Sentosa Island for me today to get a few things done that I missed out on yesterday. First up was the highlight - MEGAZIP! A 450m-long flying fox that takes you out of a jungle-infested hill, over a beach and water and on to a neighbouring island. The video below should give you a fair idea of how it all went down.

Number Two
Toast Box
One of my goals for my visit to Singapore was to visit a world that could have come straight from my dreams - a specialist toast store. You see, I eat a lot of toast...I wake up almost every day and look forward to my toast fix. I'm not sure how to explain it though one reason for this obsession is that when I was young I was told I was allergic to dairy and if I wanted Rice Bubbles I had to have them with juice, not milk. Hence why I turned to toast for my breakfasts. Anyway - back to Toast Box - unfortunately the menu came from another cultural palette that I couldn't quite relate to enough to really enjoy. The coffee was great, but the boiled eggs were JUST boiled and very eggy tasting and the toast itself had a kind of spicy satay topping on it that was a little wrong. Am stoked I got to see it all for myself though and maybe one day I'll open my dream Toast Emporium in NZ that blows it away!

Number Three
Fine food and disbelief
I had been recommended a place to eat that was close to our hotel that basically only locals frequented - exactly the kind of place I wanted to go to - so three of us boys headed down there for dinner. After semi-expensive meals that were on-par with foodcourt-fare in New Zealand we finally found a great and super-cheap feed. I had a seafood Mee Goreng that was just perfect and filling for $4 AND was accompanied by a $6 Tiger quart... unbelievable - needless to say I'll be back there tomorrow.

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