Friday, May 4, 2012

Tour - Day Eight

Number One
1000 miles
Today was a travel day - we basically woke up in San Francisco, had breakfast and drove the six or so hours home. This time we went the boring but fast we cruised at about 135km/h all the way back. Over the past three days it turns out I drove over 1000 miles (1600kms).

Number Two
Now, I'm pretty sure I don't have Aids, but I just got my second cold of the past six weeks...pretty bad timing huh! Tomorrow we have a recording session for a huge online radio station and a show late at night that's being streamed worldwide. Yaye. Usually a "tour-cold" is much better than a "recording-cold" as your tone doesn't matter quite as much....but this is both. Bollocks.

Number Three
Game of Thrones
What better thing to do while sick than to watch an amazing TV series? As soon as we got back from San Fran I bought a big bottle of orange juice and went to bed with the latest GOT, so good. Fingers crossed my rest will get me right for the big day tomorrow.

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