Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tour - Day Five

Number One
Melrose Farmers Market & Trading Post

It's become somewhat of a tradition to visit the Melrose Trading Post while the band's been in LA in the past. So, once again, we were lucky enough to be in town on a Sunday (when it's held) and I wandered down to check it out. This time, I stumbled by absolute chance on the Melrose Farmers Markets which I had no idea were there - so a fresh punnet of bonus strawberries accompanied me on the walk to the trading post. The trading post is basically a fancy word for a regular, non-food market but I suppose it justifies its fanciness as it's a goldmine of clothes, shoes, jewellery, knick-knacks, antiques have to visit it if you're ever in LA on a Sunday...and be prepared to want to take an extra suitcase of stuff home with you.

Number Two
After another successful showcase in Hollywood, we went back to a bar right around the corner from our hotel for some celebratory drinks. Whilst there we ran into "Josh Krajcik" from X-Factor USA - he seems like a great guy...mainly because he was totally cool with a random and rather drunk New Zealander talking to him for quite some time.

Number Three
At the aforementioned bar I indulged in one of my repressed but favourite pastimes, karaoke. I requested Mr Boombastic but got Gangsta's Paradise (I actually never knew it was spelt like that...). It was great. But probably not great enough for anyone to need to see a video of it...

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